Ray’s Prelude #1 What Future?

           Does the church have a future?

                I’ve been thinking about Frank Lloyd Wright….. again!

               In a week or two, I’ll be in Redding for the “World Premier” of
Getting it Wright,
a filmed interview with five surviving members of the
Pilgrim Congregational Church, Building Committee, (yours truly among them)
who persuaded FLW to design their new church.
I was 27, the church was less than a year old and had fewer than 100 members.

               We called it bold! Other adjectives may be more apt.

               On March 30th, I’ll attempt answering Frank Lloyd Wright’s first question,
“Dominie, How long do you suppose we’ll keep building churches?”
He was really asking, “Does the Church have a future?”

               These days he’s not the only one asking!
The elephant in the room within many churches is,
“Do we have a future?
What does it look like?

   What say you?


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