Youth “Peace Cards” Raise Money for UNICEF

The meaning and importance of peace was clearly evident in the beautiful “Peace Cards” designed by Hillcrest youth and children this past month. The twelve cards, which were auctioned to Hillcrest members on two separate Sundays, raised nearly $500 to be sent to the UNICEF fund for children living in conflict zones throughout the world

Rami Hernlem, member and coordinator of the project, shared the following, “What impressed me more than anything else was children’s messages written inside the cards, thanking people for buying their cards, and telling the buyers what their donations do–feeding the less fortunate children. They understood the importance of peace clearly. I am very proud of them. They all felt they have done something very important and they had lots of fun.”

Many thanks to our youth and children for their beautiful artwork and inspirational quotes, and thanks to Rami for organizing this beautiful project!

If you would like to make a donation to the “Peace Card” project, go