Vaccination Proof & How-To’s

Proof of Vaccination must be shown for attendance at in-person worship inside beginning November 7, 2021. Proof can be:

CDC Vaccination Card or other medical record, or
State of California Digital COVID-19 Vaccine Record
Vaccination “SmartHealth Card” if you were vaccinated in California or similar from another vaccination location.

California “Smart Health Card” can be obtained at: . Name and Date of Birth, computer access, email address and printer are required. Information can be printed on a cell phone or computer or both.

Need Help to get a Smart Card? Call the Hillcrest Office and we’ll try to help you sort out the any difficulties.

Show proof of vaccination once and your name will be registered at Hillcrest. The following registration options are available:

  • Bring your vaccination card to the Hillcrest Office Monday, Wednesday or Friday between 9:00 & Noon–regular Office Open hours.
  • Email a photo or scanned copy of your CDC or Smart Card to
  • Bring proof of vaccination to the the first indoor worship service you attend.