Breakfast Bags for the Homeless HILLCREST PARTNERING WITH TRINITY CENTER:March 15th-21st

Breakfast Bags for the Homeless

 Hillcrest’s Food Room, under the umbrella of the Outreach Ministry, will be making Breakfast Bags to be given out to the homeless who come to Trinity Center in Walnut Creek for help. Trinity Center gives out 300 Breakfast Bags each week.

We are asking for your help. We need to buy what goes into each bag. We also need to have an assembly line filling the bags. In talking to churches who have already done this, the bags can be filled in about 2 hours.  Maybe consider doing this as part of your Lenten preparation?

We will be doing this the 2nd week of March, so time is of the essence.

Let us know how you want to help by Friday, March 5. Call Bill Cunningham at (925) 680-0637  or Carolyn Smith at (925) 687-1065. You can also call the church office and tell Sammantha, our new office manager. Or sign up with the link below.

Sign up here: