Co-Moderator Corner

Co-Moderator Report for January—Falling in Love with Hillcrest

It’s Sunday afternoon and I’m reflecting on Pastor Ray’s stewardship sermon today and the following Congregational Meeting (via Zoom).

Many thoughts are running through my mind—concern about the financial health of Hillcrest, the work we have ahead of us as we search for a Senior Minister, and the hard, hard work of our volunteers who lead and participate in each of our dynamic programs. But I keep going back to today’s meeting and how my heart was uplifted as I looked around the Zoom room at the faces I’ve grown to love.

David and I first came to Hillcrest in 1997 at the invitation of Marian Corder—some of you may remember her, she was an amazing woman! We joined and attended, volunteered and, from time to time, took leadership positions. I was committed to Hillcrest and willingly did my part.

Then COVID hit. How would we keep worship going? How would we care for each other? How would we care for others who depend on us for food and clothing? And, as you know, many people stepped up, making an extra effort again and again to keep us going. And we did it—together! And I truly believe we made it/are making it through this pandemic out a love greater than ourselves.

There is a beloved spirit that enfolds us and keep igniting our hearts. As we face the upcoming challenges, I’m full of hope that we can do anything—together!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

– Cindy Durant, Co-Moderator