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 ‘Tis the season to be talking about stars. For preachers anyway.

 But for some reason—maybe it’s because we’re having trouble with ours—I’m thinking about cars. And I’m thinking about all those movies and TV shows and cartoon where some character, usually in hot pursuit of another character, says, “Follow that car!” And then what happens?

Well, all kinds of things. Everyone from the Marx Brothers to Daffy Duck has done a parody of the “Follow that Car” theme. Even in serious dramas and cop shows, all kinds of things go wrong when your try to “follow that car.” You get stuck in traffic. You start following a different car that (you think) looks the same. You run out of gas. You miss an exit. Well, you get the idea.

For me, the best is still Daffy Duck. He runs up to the cab and calls into the open window, while pointing ahead—“Follow that car.” Which, the cabbie dutifully does and speeds off…leaving Daffy Duck still stand- ing there. Well, what’s my point in all this?

When it comes to real life, and daily life, and the stuff and complications and the mess of life, following anything—car or star—can be difficult. You get pushed off track. Or you lose track. Or you forget to keep track. Or, if you’re like Daffy Duck, for all your efforts you never seem to get anywhere.

And yet, the promise remains—follow that star! That one. That one, there, see it? The one with your name on it. The one through which God is calling you. The one that lights your way. The one, the same one, that’s been with you all along even when you haven’t noticed it.

 God is with you! God’s truth is with you! I know—it can be really hard to see sometimes. Believe me, I know. More importantly, so does Jesus. After all, how many of Jesus’ parables boil down to the idea that seeing and following God’s light can be hard in the real world. It’s true. But then again, that’s the whole point, isn’t it? It’s true.

 So, Follow that star! And don’t forget to use the GPS, map, and compass of Prayer. And don’t forget to stop by the service station—the Church. And don’t forget that you’ve got lots of wise men and women here to help you along the way.

Follow that Star!

 God’s Blessings this Epiphany Season and this New Year,

 Rev Fred

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