Rev Fred’s Blog #2 for Feb 2014


We’re still in the season of Epiphany until Ash Wednesday Mar. 5th and Epiphany is about spreading the light of christ and the love of God.  That’s what we’re about at Hillcrest.

What’s wonderful about Hillcrest? All of the things mentioned in my earlier February posting, but there’s so much more. In a recent conversation, one of our Hillcrest worshippers share that “the care and support that we provide each other is why I keep coming back.” Great! Who’s to argue with that? Certainly not me. What keeps each of us coming back? The fellowship, the care and support, the worship, the Choir and other music, the education opportunities, participation in our social ministries, the burritos, the prayer opportunities? What am I missing?  It’s different for each of us, but available to all who come to Hillcrest.


Here’s my elevator speech: “I’m Senior Minister at Hillcrest Congregational Church in Pleasant Hill, which is a pretty incredible place. We’ve got a really great Outreach program, all volunteer run, which does a lot of wonderful social service ministry, we’re Open and Affirming—when we say “All are Welcome,” we really mean it, we’ve got great colleagues in children and youth ministry and in “Eldering Ministries”—we take all aspects of life and living seriously, we do a lot of Interfaith Programming and we even have a Zen group that meets regularly on campus. We worship together and we care about each other and the world. It isn’t always easy, but God knows it’s great. I feel blessed to be a part of it.”

Join us, come up with your own elevator speech, and learn it “by heart.”  Every time you say it, you’ll be touching another heart.

Rev Fred

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