Renter Anti-Harassment Ordinance Passed by Concord City Council

Photo:East Bay Times

Concord residents demand protection from rent hikes and evictions

Thanks to the Contra Costa County Faith Community and individual members (including some Hillcrest members) who signed a petition initiated by the Faith Alliance for a Moral Economy (FAME), we received the following update:

Dear Faith leaders,

Thank you for your ongoing support to the Faith Alliance for a Moral Economy (FAME) in Concord and Contra Costa County. Together, we believe our efforts as faith leaders can make a lasting positive difference in the lives of renters and lower-income workers in our communities, as we just did by helping to get the City of Concord to pass an anti-harassment ordinance that will make it much easier for tenants to resist abusive landlords!

Our reflection theme this month is: 

How does our faith guide us in resisting systemic injustice?

Unjust individuals cause a lot of harm and must be held accountable for it. Yet, sometimes, people focus on “bad apples” without fully grasping to what extent harmful behaviors might be the product, rather than the cause, of larger systemic injustices. How does our faith help us discern what is systemic and what we can do about it, beyond holding individuals accountable?

Monthly FAME meetings offer an opportunity to spend an hour connecting with supportive colleagues from different religious traditions to share theological reflection on all we face today and to discuss what we can do together to support economic and racial justice. For now, our meetings will be on Zoom, though we hope to switch to in-person gatherings whenever it is fully safe to do so. We’d love to have you take part in our ongoing planning and networking.

May our work be a blessing in these troubling times.

Thank you,

Rev. Millie Phillips

Faith-Rooted Organizer FAME Conc

Faith Alliance for a Moral Economy (FAME) an initiative of EBASE

2140 Minert Rd, Concord CA 94518

Cell: 415 272-4152