How in the Heck Did We Get Here?

In the lead-up to Christmas, Hillcrest Church Adult Education will be hosting a class titled “How the Heck Did We Get Here?” We will explore and discuss the stories and history of the Bible in the context of its time.

We all know the story of Mary and Joseph and the manger, but what was the history behind it? How did people in the time of Jesus understand their history and place in the world? Who were the first Israelites, and how does their story tie into the tradition that we know today? How does the historical record match up with the stories we know from the Bible?

Curious? All are welcome to attend the classes; it is not necessary to be a Hillcrest Church member to join the discussion.

Classes will take place on our Hillcrest Church campus from 11:30am-12:30pm following our worship services, starting November 13th and ending December 18th.