Holy Week Meditation and Rituals of Anointing

This is a series of six short meditations and rituals of anointing, with video pauses in between sections, prepared by Worship Design Studios for Holy week meditation. Each section can be watched separately or viewed as a whole anytime during Holy Week.

We suggest that you choose to view this video in a quiet space, with as large a viewing screen as possible. Dimming the surrounding lights, lighting a candle or small light, and providing yourself with a small bowl of oil will help you with this meditation and rituals of anointing.

You can, of course stop the video at any time for pause, further meditation, or for a break.

“Holy Week Meditation and Rituals of Anointing” © www.worshipdesignstudio.com. Used with permission. Contact WDS at marcia@marciamcfee.com

Ted Lyddon Hatten, ephemeral visual artist and photographer (http://www.tedlyddonhatten.com​); Rick Lozier, videographer (ricklozier.com); Chuck Bell, musician (chuckbellmusic.com); Marcia McFee, liturgist and video editor (worshipdesignstudio.com).