Food Room Thanksgiving Donations

Hillcrest continues our tradition of providing frozen turkeys to families of 4 or more and providing chickens to singles and smaller families who come to the Food Room on the Friday, Monday, and Wednesday before Thanksgiving.

To make this possible, we gladly accept donations of frozen turkeys 16 lbs or less and frozen chickens beginning Sunday November 14th after church. We have lots of freezer space to store these frozen Thanksgiving specialties.

We also try to give out other holiday foods for a Thanksgiving meal: so, donations of stuffing mix, cranberry sauce, canned pumpkin and other holiday foods are welcomed!

We do not take turkey reservations! Turkeys and accompanying holiday foods are given out first come, first served! So, be generous and help others enjoy their Thanksgiving meals!

Donations are accepted during Food Room Open hours: Monday, Wednesday and Fridays 9am-11:45 am. beginning November 15. Help us help others!