Food Room Report

Numbers, number, numbers. My head is swimming with numbers.
In 2021, Food Room served 1790 individuals, making up 582 family units.
I tried comparing 2021 with past years but each past year from 2019-2021 had it’s own unique problems. 2019 we had our power problems with P.G.&E. 2020 had big COVID-19 problems. 2021 is still having setbacks from COVID-19.
January 2022 looks like things are picking up. With two business days to go, we have already served 144 individuals for 58 family units.
We gave the congregation a break by not asking for food donations on Food Room Sunday in December and January, thanks to a phenomenal food drive put on by the Girl Scouts. I don’t think we  will need to order canned green beans till April! Or pasta!!

We have just finished installing new alarm systems in both Food and Clothing Rooms. Our old ones were sadly outdated. Thankfully, over the years the alarms have never been needed. We look at the new ones as insurance that we will never need to use them.

Thank you to each member and friend of Hillcrest for your donations of food, money and support. I continue to say it takes a village to feed the many food insecure in our county.

Bless you.

Food Room

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