Food Room Report

With three more Food Room days till the end of the month, we have already served 167 people. Our numbers are increasing, along with gas prices. We are needed now more than ever.

Ryan and I just made a Food Bank pickup. We ordered 640 pounds of food for $609. Yes, we pay for our Food Bank purchases. As a bonus, we picked up lots of fresh produce, at no cost to Hillcrest. We brought back oranges, mangos, apples, spinach, sweet potatoes, red onions, carrots and 8 gallons of fresh milk. I love to get the freebies. Our refrigerators are full. Clients who visit us in the next couple of days will get lots of treats!

Thank you, again and again for supporting our Hillcrest Food Pantry, either by volunteering or donating food on Food Room Sundays or money or even holding our Outreach program in your prayers. We couldn’t provide this Outreach service without you.

Carolyn Smith, Food Room coordinator for Outreach