Co-Moderator Corner

“This is dedicated to the one WE love!”

To borrow from the 1959 hit single by the Shirelles, the December co-moderator report is dedicated to Rev Fred Weidmann on behalf of Hillcrest Church in gratitude and thankfulness for the 12 years of service and love you have “dedicated” to us!  Thank you.

Recalling your years with us, there are many qualities of character that we have grown to love.  A favorite is that you are basically a Marshmallow – yes, it’s true, a real softie which we love!  Even during times of trial resulting in tough talk, tough decisions, maybe even a little ranting, you have always retained your humanity – remained a loving, sympathetic, caring, understanding person.  You are centered in love.  Even with PGE!! The communication on a personal level with individuals was civil and human. These qualities have lead to a core of trust among us.  Shall we even call it a window to Jesus whose “ways are gentle” and who is of “humble heart.”  Wow.  Thank you.

Another characteristic that we appreciate is your willingness to walk into the “WEEDS!”  Time after time, you have wholeheartedly participated in the work and struggles and celebrations and challenges and DETAILS of life at Hillcrest Church.  COVID response, Worship Services, Memorials, Outreach programs, Communication and Promotions Committee, Worship Ministry, Social Justice support through office space at affordable rates, Christian Education, Sunday School and Confirmation classes, Care Ministry, Council, Trustees, Budget Process, Congregational meetings, Co-Moderator meetings and decisions – what am I leaving out?  You have been with us in the “weeds” steadily, dependably with positive contributions and follow through!  Wow.  Thank you.

There are many other characteristics that have endeared you to us and the final one that I will mention is the quality of your teaching the Word to us.  Your insights to the teachings of Jesus Christ and the wisdom/foundation of the old testament have helped us all to grow in understanding the bible.  It has been wonderful to have a resident scholar of St. Paul and the many scriptures we have studied in relationship to the modern world and these times.  Your preaching has always been relevant.  Wow.  Thank you.

So…to end with the Shirelles, we will miss you A LOT!  Shall we all “whisper a little prayer for us and tell all the stars above, this is dedicated to the one we love…..”  Amen