Breakfast Bag Project

On Saturday March 20, about 20 people helped with the Breakfast Bag project. They set up, rearranged, filled bags, helped take down and photographed what we were doing. Hillcrest was joined by St. Andrews Presbyterian, Mt. Diablo UUC and Christ the Lord Episcopal, all coming together to complete 350 bags. The bags held instant oatmeal with a hot cup, fruit cup, juice drink and granola bar as well as napkins, spoon, face mask and hand wipes. We did all of this for a little less than $2 per bag.

It took two SUV’s filled to the top, to deliver the bags on Tuesday. Trinity Center in Walnut Creek was overwhelmed with the gifts. In fact, they ran out of space to store the bags. It was a nice problem for them to deal with.

In case you didn’t see or feel the gratitude Outreach felt in November and December, let me say again, THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for the many donated turkeys and chickens. The Thanksgiving bounty allowed us to also give the birds out for Christmas .

Hillcrest friends and family, you never cease to amaze us.

Bless you!